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If you’ve downloaded your 1.4 update to your PC copy of Skyrim, chances are you’ve been toying with the new easy to use mod system as well. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve put the Midas Magic Mod, which we’ve previously covered here at Like A Bird In The Skyrim, right on the main page! If you’ve delved into this delightful tweak and are having trouble (as many are) finding the last Aurum Reactor in Hillgrund’s Tomb, check this video above. And if you’ve yet to figure out to use the dang things, check out this one as well!

Skyrim Tip: Black Briar Meadery Speech Exploit

Go to the Black Briar Meadery in Riften and speak with Ungrien. His dialogue options have a branch for persuading him to talk about his boss Maven, who he is convinced will kill him for speaking ill of the Meadery. This option will not disappear after you have the conversation, and can be repeated many times to completely fill out your Speech skill.

Skyrim Tip: Marryable Argonians

You may have heard that there’s only one marryable Argonian in Skyrim. Perhaps you heard there’s two. WRONG. There’s three. First is Shahvee, who lives in Windhelm (she dies during the Blood On Ice quest). Second is Scouts-Many-Marshes, who lives in Windhelm, and third is Derkeethus, who can be married after you rescue him from Darkwater Pass.

Skyrim Tip: High Profit Potion Recipe

Potion of Regenerate Magicka:

  • Dwarven Oil
  • Taproot

If you want this potion, you’re gonna have to fight for it! Defeat Spriggans (commonly found in wooded areas) for Taproot, and Dwarven Spiders (found in one of the many Dwemer ruins) for Dwarven Oil.

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Skyrim Tip: High Profit Potion Recipe

Potion of Fortify Carry Weight:

  • Creep Cluster
  • Frost Mirriam
  • Giant’s Toe

Creep Cluster is commonly found growing on rocks in areas like the hot springs south of Windhelm. Frost Mirriam often hangs from racks inside homes and around hearths and fireplaces. Giant’s Toe is plucked from the bodies of dead Giants, or bought from shops when in a bind.

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Skyrim Tip: Giant’s Toe

The Giant’s Toe is the single most valuable Alchemy ingredient in all of Skyrim. “THE most valuable, Holly?” Yes, THE most valuable. All the most profitable potions in the game are made with Giant’s Toe.

Skyrim Tip: Free Arrows Of Your Choice

If you need a constant supply of free arrows, check the Thieves Guild lair. Usually a few of the other thieves are practicing Archery, and will shoot several arrows you can take whenever you like. For an added bonus, pickpocket them while they sleep and put a Daedric or Glass arrow on them. From then on they’ll shoot only that type, giving you a free predictable source of your favorite arrow.

(As noted by a reader, you can do this with guards too, but it’s a bit tougher to reverse pickpocket them, as they do not have individual names and thus can be hard to find again when you need them).

Skyrim Tip: Easy Conjuration Boosting

Everyone always says to recruit a trusty companion and use Soul Trap on them over and over to boost your Conjuration. Bosh! Flimshaw! They always get mad after a few minutes and have to be re-recruited. Just use Soul Trap on a dead body! Works the same and they can’t complain. Which doesn’t sound creepy at all.

Skyrim Tip: Building Your Archery Skill Quickly

Need some help building your Archery skill quickly? There a number of ways to get a leg up on your craft, starting with skill trainers. In Skyrim there are generally three trainers for each skill, providing Adept, Expert, and Master level training. For Archery:

  • Faendal in Riverwood provides Adept level training
  • Aela of The Companions in Jorrvaskr, Whiterun provides Expert level training
  • Niruin of The Thieves Guild in Riften provides Master level training

When focusing on Archery, it is suggested you first hit up the Warrior Stone southwest of Riverwood in order to receive the 20% boost in Skill training. You can also level up several times under the training of Angi in her cabin in the south of Falkreath Hold. Visiting the Bard’s College in Solitude and returning Rjorn’s Drum will also provide a boost in Archery skill.

If you want to do it somewhat the old fashioned way and need a target, it’s suggested you use a conjured Atronach, simultaneously allowing the opportunity to boost Archery and Conjuration. Alternately, you can obtain Shadowmere and rapid fire multiple hits, with no penalty (but mind that you don’t kill her).

Among the more helpful Perks in the Archery Skill tree are Eagle Eye, which allows you to zoom with the Block button (30 Points required), and Steady Hand, which will slow time when Eagle Eye is used (40 Points required). Steady Hand, when combined with the Dragon Shout Slow Time, will make your enemies seem paralyzed (thanks Val0rr!).

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Skyrim Tip: Using Shadowmere For Easy Skill Boosting

This will likely go against your every instinct…but did you know Shadowmere can be used for easy Skill leveling? So long as you don’t go too overboard, ole Shadowmere can take almost anything you can dish out, be it Archery, One-Handed, or Destruction. Unlike humanoid companions, he’ll never turn on you. Which is kind of sad, if you think about it.

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